Train yourself!

Operating Instructions / EOL illusion: The videos below show discs that are flickering on the same position. If you move your head from left to right these discs seem to follow the movements you make. This impression is a perceptual illusion (it is easy to verify that the disks are stationary by fixating one of them), but this illusion is the basis of EOL device! To learn how to control it, stir the head and let your eyes "float" with it (do not focus on any particular disk!). After a while, you'll see that the disks are moving together, as block, in the same direction of your head. After capturing this illusion, familiarize yourself with it by doing different movements, such as circular movements, or draw a number as if your head was a pen. You can see that the illusion replicates your movements. Is this the case? Congratulations! You have successfully completed the first step: to perceive an illusion that follows you like your shadow. Now try to move your eyes without moving your head, and to "capture" the illusion again. Is it more difficult? With practice (5 to 10 minutes per day), you will get the control of your eye movements and decide their trajectories. Then you can draw symbols, numbers, letters, words, or various figures, as if your eyes were the tip of a pen. The illusion of movement is here to help so you move with it. To facilitate your learning, start with visible discs and slow flickering (contrast and speed = 1 = 1). Then decrease the contrast of discs to avoid fatigue (contrast 2 or 3), and if desired, increase the speed, you will write faster ... Good luck! And do not hesitate to ask and send us your comments