30 volunteers attained to ten train sessions with the EOL device for eye writing. Here are some of their testimonials:

Karen, 22 years old

Biology Student / Mathematics

"My experience of learning how to write with eyes was amazing. Over the sessions I did not see my performance improving. That just happened after six or seven sessions, where I could write without difficulty. Though, the most interesting thing for me was to see my drawings. I was very surprised to see my drawings without using my hands. The writing sessions with eyes were very rich from the personal point of view. I can not imagine how gratified must be to speak with the eyes for people who can not express. "

Louise, 21 years old

Medicine Student

"I participated in this study because I find the concept very interesting. I had never written with the eyes before. It is a bit difficult in the begging but I improved significantly over the sessions. I think that eye writing may really improve the communication of people with ALS. "

Alain, 64 years old


"Through this study I learned to canalize my gaze to create letters (to make sentences). Difficult, but very interesting."

Caroline, 25 years old


"Learning to write and draw with my eyes was very playful and fun. I hope that this experience will promote research."

Thomas, 19 years old

Student at the Law's Faculty

"The experience itself is interesting, we are ready to play, we always try to do better than in the previous session."

Déborah, 29 years old

Event Organization

"Participating in this experience was very rewarding. During these sessions, both playful and practical, I had the feeling of taking part in the realization of a scientific breakthrough with real social and human purpose: to improve the lives of patients. "

Sofiane, 26 years old

Neuroscience Student

"Interesting experience, a difficult beggining but a fast adaptation, the challenge that it represents is an obvious motivation. Continuing interaction with the research team avoids monotony. To repeat."

Christopher, 39 years old

Event Organization

"Participating in this project was very rewarding. Learning to write in with the eyes, testing the Eye Tracking tool, aroused my curiosity for this complex but future promising process. This experience has taught me that the eye is an organ endowed of a super fast motricity with quasi-autonomous and unconscious micro movements, and its relationship with the brain enjoys a truly baffling instantaneity. "

Prisca, 26 years old


"This interesting and incredible study allowed me to improve my visual writing. It was an unprecedented learning experience that is said to bright the future."

Hervé, 55 years old


"On several occasions I have been using the eye-tracking to illustrate my point and my intuitions in my book "Regard sur l'image" and the eponymous blog, but I had not practiced this technique to not to bias my analysis. Through this experience, I became even more aware of occlusions due to saccades, I developed my awareness of where I lay my gaze. I have the feeling of having a less agitated, more peaceful and more conscious look while maintaining the ability to let my eyes go wherever they want. Moreover, the participation in these tests helped me to realize the importance of a protocol in an experiment. "

Alberte, 52 years old


"Intrigued by the concept of this medical project, I enrolled to participate in the improvement of this software. The experience was interesting because the eye is an "abandoned" organ and may prove to be the reflection of our brain. so ..: work out!"

Jean-Marc, 49 years old

Economics professor

"The vision experience, carried out for 10 regular sessions during the months of July and August 2013, made me discovering the unsuspected potential movements of the eye (drawing, writing, making forms …). It was an unique and rich experience that allowed me to better understand the functioning of the eye. Thus, contributing as a volunteer to the progress of applied scientific research in this area, is particularly rewarding because the results will probably help the impairment people. I particularly enjoyed the proximity and professionalism of the young researchers who have never ceased during these sessions to make me feel comfortable, giving me every time clear guidance through an extremely rigorous protocol. "

Christine, 43 years old


"Curiosity pushed me to participate in this amazing experience. I had vaguely heard about similar techniques without knowing exactly how it worked. I found the learning of this new mode of expression really funny and "challenging". I was excited with the discovery of this new faculty and I also felt to participate in something useful. In a short: a really interesting human experience!"

Grégory, 23 years old


"This experience is especially rewarding because it proves to be an all-in-one. The advantages over its capacity are learned after a continuous work, allow to see the difficulties of being immobilized and the huge non explored potential of the human brain. This is a really rewarding experience and I hope that the project will move to the "simple experiment" to a much more developed and viable project. "