Studies of writing with different effectors..

Jean Lorenceau, Svetlana Meyer, Arthur Portron, Jonathan Mirault - 03/04/2015

Work at the Laboratory of Perceptive Systems (ENS) with Svetlana, a student engineer team Julien Diard. This day focused on the alphabet meditation (numbers, letters and syllables) using different effectors (eye dominant hand, non-dominant hand, elbow).

Working Meeting: Preparation of scientific articles

Jean Lorenceau, Timothée Lenglet, Lucette Lacomblez, Jonathan Mirault, Marie Veyrat-Masson - 25/03/2015

Roundtable at the Pavilion Paul Castaigne to establish a schedule for the organization and distribution of tasks to the output of scientific papers related to the EOL project.

Start of Group 3 at Pitié-Salpêtrière

Jonathan Mirault, Marie Veyrat-Masson - 24/03/2015

Reception of a new eye tracker

Jonathan Mirault, Marie Veyrat-Masson - 20/02/2015

The company Pertech just sent us a new prototype of eye tracker (better technique and better ergonomics) for writing learning sessions with eyes.

Demo of a new communication support interface with patients

Jean Lorenceau, Timothée Lenglet, Jonathan Mirault, Marie Veyrat-Masson, Alice Latimier, Marianne Haddad - 10/02/2015

In front of about 25 people who went in the demo room that Jean Lorenceau and 5 members of the team were able to present to the intensive care unit a new communication device (Selection of items, Keyboard & Writing Eye )

Following of the 'Arabesques' Project[Draw with the Eyes]

Jonathan MIRAULT, Michel Paysant, Olivier Herbez - 21/11/2014

Three students in design and architecture school took part in the first step in the writing process with eyes.

Following of the EOL project with Patients of Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière

Jean Lorenceau, Marie Veyrat-Masson, Jonathan MIRAULT - 03/11/2014

Monday November 3rd, new patients were able to start the learning protocol illusion EOL to learn to write with eyes.

Working Day with Pertech Society

Jean Lorenceau, Jérôme Baujon - 14/10/2014

Jean Lorenceau and Jérôme Baujon had the opportunity to move forward together on computer software and development of gaze detection systems and presenting the illusion EOL.

Mid-term presentation of the EOL project to the ANR (National Research Agency)

Jean Lorenceau, Timothée Lenglet, Jérome Baujon, Julien Diard, Marie Veyrat-Masson, Jonathan MIRAULT, Arthur Portron - 14/10/2014

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014 held a presentation of the evolution of the EOL project [ANR TecSan (Technology and Health)]. In front of a group of delegates stakeholders by ANR, Jean Lorenceau presented the evolution of the project from its inception has the points made and the remaining point for further of this project. The presentation lasted 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of questions.

End of experiments with the first group of control subjects of the experience EOL + Sound

Arthur Portron, Eric Boyer - 29/09/2014

In this part of the project co-led by Jean Lorenceau (ENS) and Frédéric Bevilaqua (IRCAM), Arthur Portron (ENS-PhD) and Eric Boyer (IRCAM-PhD) have passed the first group of 12 subjects. The principle of this experiment is to study the impact of the sound tracks at eye prosecution on the EOL build on the oculomotor learning.

Photo 1 (gauche) : Sujet 1 - Séance 1 - Suivi de cible (Symbole : cercle)

Photo 2 (droite) : Sujet 3 - Séance 4 - Suivi de cible (Symbole : infini)

[Note : en rouge la cible à suivre et en bleu la performance du sujet]

Launch of the film "Draw with the Eyes" by Michel Paysant product by the Pompidou Center

Michel Paysant - 03/07/2014

To see the film, click HERE

Beginning of the EOL Protject with Patients of the l'Hospital Pitié-Salpétriêre

Marie Veyrat-Masson, Jonathan Mirault & Jean Lorenceau - 24/06/2014

Already three patients began learning to write with his eyes.

Photo 1 : Patient during writing session

Photo 2 : The Eye Tracker Pertech who allows to record eye movements

Photo 3 : Experimenters Marie and Jonathan seen through the eyes of a patient

ANR meeting & Technical advances

Jean Lorenceau, Jonathan Mirault, Marie Veyrat-Masson, Julien Diard, Lucette Lacomblez, Timothée Lenglet, Jérôme Baujon & Arthur Portron - 18/06/2014

This meeting provided an opportunity for the EOL project partners to present their progression. The adressed topics were: the launch of the patient's protocol in the therapeutic evaluation center of Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, the initiation and improvement of the new software of prototype eyetracking Pertech ®, the publications and progresses of the Julien Diard's team on automatic traces recognition, the latest research analysis of Jean Lorenceau's team, the advances on the art project "arabesque" led by Michel Paysant.

Visit to LSP and Demo of the EOL project with Karl Gegenfurtner

Jean Lorenceau, Karl gegenfurtner, Doris Braun, Pascal Mamassian & Jonathan Mirault - 16/06/2014

Creating an auditory feedback for the EOL traces with the IRCAM Team

Jean Lorenceau, Frédéric Bevilacqua, Eric O. Boyer, Sylvain Hanneton, Arthur Portron, Jonathan Mirault & Marie Veyrat-Masson - 05/06/2014

The collaboration with the IRCAM's team enabled an optimal eye movements' sonorization. The audio feedback is modulated depending on the speed of the ocular pursuit performance, the occurrence of saccades and the eye blinks. It can be compared to the sound produced by a chalk on a blackboard. By audio feedback we expect to optimize the EOL learning process.

Filming a documentary for "Inventions and Men" aired on M6

Jean Lorenceau, Jonathan Mirault & Marie Veyrat-Masson - 08/04/2014

To see the movie, click HERE

Creating an artificial eye 3D printed

Jonathan Mirault - 08/04/2014

Using a 3D printer, Jonathan Mirault set up a motorized artificial eye device to reproduce the voluntary pursuit movements. This device will allow the team to study precisely the different parameters involved in the eye prusuit analysis.

Presentation and Public Test of EOL project at Brain's Week

Jean Lorenceau, Jonathan Mirault & Arthur Portron - 15/03/2014

For the brain's week at “Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle”, Jean Lorenceau, Jonathan Mirault and Arthur Portron have installed a workshop for testing the EOL device. Therfore many candidates came to discover the device in live and to generate their first eye pursuit movements.

Creation of educational tools for the art project ("Arabesques")

Jean Lorenceau & Michel Paysant - 12/03/2014

Inspired by draw experience and free expression, Michel Paysant developed a learning program for EOL device that aims to improve the artistic and emotional aspect of the device utilization.

Development of a musical tool controllable with eyes

Jean Lorenceau & Jonathan Mirault - 07/03/2014

There are plenty of applications for the EOL device. Herein, Jean Lorenceau et Jonathan Mirault have created a musical keyboard to generate music using eye gaze. Each icon corresponds to a note. By simply selecting, the eye can thus generate rhythm, sound and therefore a melody and music!

Shooting a short film explaining the EOL project

Jonathan Mirault, Marie Veyrat-Masson - 26/02/2014

To see the movie, click HERE

In order to introduce the EOL device to the largest number of people, a short film of a few minutes was shot. It will provide new users a way to discover the device before start the learning process.

Training, Writing & Updating software in the Paul Castaingne flag APHP

Jonathan Mirault, Marie Veyrat-Masson & Arthur Portron - 03/02/2014

The EOL device has been continuously improved regarding its equipment, software and human aspects. Before welcoming the patients involved in the clinical research protocol of the TecSan project, all the device parameters are optimized.

Installing the shared eye tracker (EyeLink 1000) of the DEC

Jonathan Mirault & Arthur Portron - 21/01/2014

Moving to the Department of Cognitive Studies (DEC) of the Ecole Normale Supérieure

Jean Lorenceau, Jonathan Mirault, Marie Veyrat-Masson & Arthur Portron - 08/01/2014

Jean Lorenceau's team moved from the “Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle” to integrate the Department of Cognitive Studies at “Ecole Normale Supérieure”, at rue d'Ulm in Paris.

ANR meeting

Jean Lorenceau, Michel Paysant, Sonia Caravaca, Timothée Lenglet, Lucette Lacomblez, Jérôme Baujon, Rodolphe Bildstein, Jonathan Mirault, Marie Veyrat-Masson & Arthur Portron (Absent : Julien Diard & Myriam Chanceaux)- 22/11/2013

Each ANR meeting allows all EOL project partners to meet, to share their progress and to establish the roadmap for carry out the research project.

Progress of the Artistic Project of Michel Paysant

Jean Lorenceau, Michel Paysant, Jonathan Mirault & Marie Veyrat-Masson - 15/11/2013

Michel Paysant brings his artistic expertise to improve the learning practices of the device.

Visit of the investigation place for the study of the EOL device to ALS population

Timothée Lenglet, Lucette Lacomblez, Marie Veyrat-Masson - 04/09/2013

The study of EOL device to ALS population will be held at Pavillon Paul Castaigne Pitié-Salpêtrière, in the Clinical Assessment Centre (CET). A consultation room will be dedicated to the study of the device and will receive voluntary patients. It will be set to maximize the comfort and the learning opportunities for the patients (comfortable and suitable chair, screen projector, possibility of hiding the light sources ...). The small and lightweight device (laptop and eye-tracker) is easily integrated into the investigation place.

Working Meeting for drafting the patient's protocol

Timothée Lenglet, Marie Veyrat-Masson - 23/07/2013

This work meeting occurred in the Paul Castaigne's pavilion at Pitié-Salpêtrière Neurology Department. It enabled significant progress on the training protocol drafting to eye-writing EOL device for ALS patients. After rereading, this protocol will be submitted to the Direction de Recherche Clinique (DCR) and subsequently submitted to the Comité de Protection des Personnes, under the legal framework of all biomedical research.

Roundtable with the participants of the EOL Project

This meeting provided an update on the progress of each of the parties since the meeting of March 4, 2013. Different participants APHP and CNRS were able to answer many questions related to experimental protocols, administrative project management and the implementation of devices. Afterwords, Jonathan and Marie briefly presented the results of control subjects and a first draft of the website, which was also very well received. At the end Julien and Vincent presented their work concerning the algorithm for recognition of characters written with the eyes.

Receiving a new Eye Tracker PerTech

Jean Lorenceau, Jérôme Baujon, Rodolphe Bildstein, Jonathan Mirault, Marie Veyrat-Masson - 29/06/2013

Visit to the ICM and to Jean Lorenceau's lab with Robert Wurtz

Robert Wurtz, Jean Lorenceau, Pierre Daye, Jonathan Mirault - 15/04/2013