«How to use ?» EOL illusion : In this video you see dots flickering in front of you. The goal of this illusion is to make those dots moving. Read...



Patient's Testimonials

"The EOL project learned to myself a lot of things about eye movements, and can write with eyes is an experiment very rich !" Read...



"...Now, it's possible to write with your eyes. A searcher of CNRS just create a system that allows to write and draw only with your eye movements... Le Parisien" Read...



Cursive writing with smooth pursuit eye movements. Lorenceau J.
Curr Biol; 2012 Aug 21;22(16):1506-9.

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What is EyeOnLine ?

The "Eye On Line" (EOL) is a project supported by the Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR) under the funding of TecSan (Technologie pour la Santé). It aims to develop an innovative communication system based on the smooth pursuit eye movements. This ambitious device is still under research and several teams and partners are working together for its development.
  • The CNRS-Paris Team
  • The AP-HP team of UPMC
  • The CNRS-Grenoble Team
  • La company Pertech®
  • An artistic collaboration

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